Welcome, New Staff and Students!

Eleni Vlachos
December 01, 2022

SIG welcomed two new staff and three new students who will be working on HIV, IPV, stigma, and substance use research among other important research areas.

SIG is pleased to welcome new staff and students recently. Follow the links below to read their biographies and learn more about each individual.

Welcome, new staff!

Jonathan Dinkins: “I was interested in [The HEALing Communities Study] because earlier last year I had a close cousin overdose from substance abuse and I wanted to be a help in all communities. I am looking forward to meeting the entire team and learning more about the study.” 

Mustafa Turkimani, Program Coordinator, Healing Communities Study

Welcome, new students!

Linden Christopher Isles: “I’m excited to be working with SIG and hope to use this opportunity to learn and grow with and from the SIG Community. My interest in research is focused on the intervention and prevention of HIV and its connection to substance use, IPV and incarceration among highly vulnerable populations in the Caribbean.” 

Rachel Groth: “I am so excited to build my quantitative and qualitative research skills while working on incredibly important studies at SIG!” 

Madison Xiaoyao Bogard: "As a survivor of intimate partner violence myself, I am honored to work at SIG. The research conducted at SIG emphasizes the people and experiences that have been historically overlooked in the field of intervention development. I am excited to learn from an amazing team of thinkers who are pushing boundaries!"