Remembering Dr. Kathy Boudin

SIG Leadership and Staff
May 10, 2022

The Social Intervention Group remembers the remarkable restorative justice activist Dr. Kathy Boudin.

Columbia University School of Social Work’s Social Intervention Group’s leadership and staff mourn the death of our colleague Kathy Boudin.

Along with many others, we celebrate Kathy’s life and accomplishments. Kathy joined the Social Intervention Group (SIG) in 2008 and brought tremendous energy and vision to our intervention, prevention, and advocacy research in criminal justice, HIV/AIDS, drug use, and trauma. She was a powerful force who tried to change the many adverse social conditions that affect our communities in New York, the US, and globally. Kathy strove to increase equity among all groups of people and implement the pillars of restorative justice. Her influence can be seen throughout the research and training programs at SIG.

SIG collaborated with Kathy, Cheryl Wilkins, and Cameron Rasmussen to establish both the Criminal Justice Initiative at the School of Social Work (CSSW) and the Columbia Center for Justice. Kathy worked extremely hard to transform the criminal justice curricula at CSSW and in other Columbia University programs, involving staff, researchers, collaborators, and pre- and post-doctoral scientists.

Because of the Initiative and the Center, Kathy attracted new students and faculty and engaged them in criminal justice advocacy work. She generously made herself available to early career scholars and dedicated many hours to advancing and training the next generation of social workers, who learned a tremendous amount both from her training sessions on criminal justice and her personal experiences.

Kathy’s impact, legacy, and vision for a better world is indelible. The staff at SIG and the faculty that she trained will always be grateful for her investment, values and vision to produce a better world for our communities both in the US and globally.

We are steadfast in our intention to follow Kathy’s vision for restorative justice, and will strive to advocate for and create a better world for everyone, particularly those who are impacted by the criminal justice system.

--The Social Intervention Group (SIG) at Columbia University School of Social Work Leadership and Staff