Madison Xiaoyao Bogard and Jimin Sung are contributing their time and expertise to topics including substance use coercion of women and the impacts of racism and heterosexism in the LGBTQ+ community.

Across six presentations at EACS 2023, SIG and GHRCCA staff shared their research on HIV prevention and interventions in Kazakhstan and central Asia.

Alissa Davis and co-authors examined the differences in terms of stigma toward opioid users in rural and urban communities, as well as based on racial segregation and social inequity.

The counties and townships are used as field examples of how to implement the practices set out in the guides.

Center for Justice Associate Director Cameron Rasmussen recently completed his doctoral studies at CUNY, including a dissertation exploring the issue of accountability.

In Brisbane, Australia, five HISTP fellows presented their work about the continuum of care for vulnerable populations in HIV intervention science.

Peer Worker, activist, and community leader Will Robertson will be remembered for his dedication to harm reduction and his compassion for his community.

This International Overdose Awareness Day, learn about important research on overdose prevention, join a rally, or sign up for a free naloxone training.

Local teams are adapting WINGS to meet the specific needs of transgender and other marginalized women in Kazakhstan and Indonesia in order to reduce the rates of gender-based and intimate partner violence.

Professor Frye brings to SIG extensive research experience in the areas of health equity, HIV, intimate partner violence, and structural interventions.

HEALing Communities Study Senior Project Director James David speaks in his own words about creating supportive, safe work environments, and what those mean to him.

Nine students who worked with SIG graduated from Columbia School of Social Work this year, with MSW and PhD degrees.

From consent to engage to "rigor" versus liberation, Kelsey Reeder and Elwin Wu expand upon their conversation about social work and pedagogy on a recent podcast "Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning."

A new publication in JAMA Online shares the effectiveness of an HIV/AIDS intervention with vulnerable groups in Kazakhstan.