Ten students who worked with SIG graduated from Columbia School of Social Work this year, with MSW and PhD degrees.

From consent to engage to "rigor" versus liberation, Kelsey Reeder and Elwin Wu expand upon their conversation about social work and pedagogy on a recent podcast "Dead Ideas in Teaching and Learning."

A new publication in JAMA Online shares the effectiveness of an HIV/AIDS intervention with vulnerable groups in Kazakhstan.

SIG welcomed two new staff and three new students who will be working on HIV, IPV, stigma, and substance use research among other important research areas.

SIG HIV researchers and staff respond to the question: "What's your number?" for World AIDS Day, with personal photos and stories.

Associate Director of SIG Dr. Dawn Goddard-Eckrich had two papers published recently on research related to intimate partner violence and HIV based on interventions implemented as part of projects WINGS and PACT.

Jessica Neufeld is the Data Program Manager for the HEALing Communities Study (HCS) at SIG. We interviewed her as part of our new #PoweredbyPeople series. 

SIG Director Dr. Nabila El-Bassel published an Op-Ed in the Times Union arguing for the need for timely overdose data by race and ethnicity in an article entitled: "Commentary: Data on overdose deaths is key to intervention."

Fourteen publications in the Research on Social Work Practice journal from over 30 SIG-affiliated scientists share the latest HIV, intimate partner violence (IPV), gender-based violence (GBV), substance use, and addiction research.

Dr. Andrea Norcini Pala has new published and forthcoming research on women living with HIV. He was recently awarded an R01 and has a new publication in AIDS Online. 

Three new T32 Fellows and several students will work in a variety of research areas at SIG including HIV, IPV, substance use, stigma, health equity, and more.

Drs. Alissa Davis and Brooke West were both promoted to Associate Professor at the Columbia School of Social Work.

Women who use drugs are at risk of being overlooked. Yet there are Ukrainian organizations working hard to ensure they are not.

T32 Fellow Tara McCrimmon reflects on her experience at AIDS 2022.