Scholar, Mentor, and Longtime GHRCCA Collaborator Dr. Mahbat Bahromov Passes Away

March 08, 2024

A passionate advocate for the health of Tajiks, his voice, passion, and scholarship will be missed by colleagues around the world.

Dr. Mahbat Bahromov, MD, M.Sc., who passed away in February, worked closely with the Global Health Research Center for Central Asia (GHRCCA) in Tajikistan, where he was the Director of the Prisma Research Center. Dr. Bahromov was also an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health. Throughout his career, he worked as a physician, a researcher, a writer, and a mentor to many young Tajik and international researchers. His own research focused on the impact of migration on the health of migrants, their families, and their communities. 

Prior to his final role at the Prisma Research Center, Dr. Bahromov received a Master’s degree in International Health Policy and Management from Brandeis University, and held a number of positions, including Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation at Khorog General Hospital; HIV/AIDS Coordinator at the National Coordination Committee for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and CEO of the Aga Khan Health Service. 

As director of the Prisma Research Center, Dr. Bahromov was a key regional partner and co-investigator on multiple NIH grants in collaboration with US institutions, including the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as Columbia's SIG and GHRCCA. With SIG and GHRCCA, he was the local lead on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan Cross-Border Pilot Study: HIV Risks, patterns of drug use, trafficking, andHIV/STI Infection, providing essential guidance on partnerships and support in engaging vulnerable populations and local service providers. Dr. Bahromov also led the Tajikistan portion of GHRCCA's USAID-funded Caravan study, focused on individual, social, and structural risk factors for tuberculosis in migrants in Central Asia.

SIG Associate Director Tim Hunt said, "Dr Bahromov's leadership was central to engaging regional partners and to assuring contextual and cultural factors were addressed in all protocols. His compassionate and generous scientific approach is a model for us all when working with vulnerable populations."

Dr. Bahromov worked tirelessly to improve the health of Tajiks. His passion, dedication, and expertise made him an invaluable part of the scientific community, and his presence, contributions, and friendship will be sorely missed by the many colleagues and friends whose lives and careers he touched.