Alissa Davis Wins HEAL Scientific Meeting Community Choice Award

March 05, 2024

Her presentation on opioid-related stigma received praise for being engaging, deepening understanding of the topic, and demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity.

At the 5th Annual HEAL Scientific Meeting Poster Session, more than 175 posters were presented. Those posters were evaluated by people with lived and living experiences of pain conditions and/or substance use disorders, as well as other community members, and two were chosen to win a Community Choice Award based on how well they communicated their research and its value to the intended beneficiaries.

SIG faculty member Alissa Davis, whose poster focused on community-level determinants of opioid-related stigma in the HEALing Communities Study, won one of the two awards. Her work was praised for being engaging, building a deeper understanding of the significance of her topic, and her clear dedication to clarity, relevance, and inclusivity.

poster about stigma in HCS

“I’m glad that people with lived experiences and other community members thought the findings of our work were clearly conveyed and relevant for their communities. Community stigma towards people with opioid use disorder remains a widespread challenge and barrier to treatment," Dr. Davis said about the importance of her work. "Our hope is that these findings on higher levels of perceived community stigma in rural communities will be useful not only for researchers, but also for community stakeholders, people with lived experience, and practitioners as they work to address these challenges in their own communities."

The paper on which the poster was based, "Community-level determinants of stakeholder perceptions of community stigma toward people with opioid use disorders, harm reduction services and treatment in the HEALing Communities Study," was published in the International Journal of Drug Policy in December 2023.

Congratulations, Alissa!

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