Keynote at Ending Gender Inequalities: Evidence to Impact conference

September 27, 2018

Dr. El-Bassel is presenting the keynote at the Ending Gender Inequalities: Evidence to Impact conference in South Africa

What are the specific inequalities faced by women who are refugees, and what can be done to end these gender-based inequalities -- both from a research perspective, and by empowering these women?

Lack of access to employment drives child marriage, and lack of access to education drives unemployment. Each of these inequalities in turn leads to women suffering from physical and sexual violence. How can these interconnected inequalities be addressed?

On October 8th, SIG Director Dr. El-Bassel will present her keynote addressing these causes, and solutions, in her presentation entitled "Typologies of Gender Inequalities Among Refugee Women: Global Perspective."

Dr. Anindita Dasgupta, ASPIRE Co-investigator,  will also be presenting research in two poster sessions:

  • Reproductive health concerns among substance-using women in community corrections in New York City: understanding the role of environmental influences
  • Assessing the relationship between intimate partner violence, externally-decided pregnancy and unintended pregnancies among women in slum communities in Mumbai, India

Join them and other remarkable presenters on October 8th and 9th for the conference Ending Gender Inequalities: Evidence to Impact conference in South Africa.

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Syrian woman looking down