Congrats Dr. Norcini Pala: New R01 Award and Publication

Eleni Vlachos
September 21, 2022

Dr. Andrea Norcini Pala has new published and forthcoming research on women living with HIV. He was recently awarded an R01 and has a new publication in AIDS Online. 

New R01

"Evaluation of Neurobiological Mechanisms Mediating the Effect of Immune Activation on Neurocognitive Impairment and the Role of Psychosocial Factors Among Women Living with HIV."

Dr. Norcini Pala was just awarded an R01 grant to examine the complex interplay between psychosocial, behavioral, immunological, and neurobiological pathways contributing to the development of cognitive impairment among women living with HIV.

Of the achievement, Dr. Norcini Pala shares:

 "I am thrilled to share an exciting news with you, over the past two years I was awarded a K01 and an R01 as PI. Besides my own professional achievement, I am looking forward to contributing to understand and address HIV outcome disparities affecting marginalized populations."

He continues:

"I would like to thank you Nabila El-Bassel, Heidi Allen, and Melissa Begg for their support."     

New Publication in AIDS Online

Intersectional stigmas are associated with lower viral suppression Rates and ART adherence among Women living with HIV

Dr. Norcini Pala and the research team used an innovative statistical method to examine intersecting experiences of discrimination based on race, gender, HIV, and income. They found that different combinations of experienced intersectional stigma are associated with poorer HIV treatment outcomes.

Key takeaway from Dr. Norcini Pala:

"We identified five groups of women with different experiences of intersectional stigma. Women living with HIV who experienced higher levels of poverty, gender, and racial stigma or poverty, HIV, gender, and racial were less likely to be virally suppressed. Adherence to HIV treatment accounted for some of the differences in viral suppression but did not fully explain them."

Researchers, faculty, and students may wish to study this intersectionality framework and measurement or utilize the statistical analysis to evaluate intersectionality.