Congratulations to Dr. Alissa Davis and Dr. Brooke West!

Eleni Vlachos
August 30, 2022

Drs. Alissa Davis and Brooke West were both promoted to Associate Professor at the Columbia School of Social Work.

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Alissa Davis and Brooke West for their recent promotions to Associate Professor at the Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW).

Dr. Alissa Davis

In addition to teaching Research Methods for masters students and co-teaching Intervention Science for doctoral students at CSSW, Dr. Davis leads several research projects at SIG including the JAS Spark Study, Smart Couples II, the BV Study, and ARC.

Of the promotion, she shares:

"I am thrilled to expand our work with colleagues and collaborators at CSSW, GHRCCA, and other organizations to improve access to important healthcare services for adolescents and young adults both domestically and internationally.

It has been exciting to engage with youth in Kazakhstan who are developing creative materials to reduce stigma and increase HIV testing uptake. It has also been rewarding to work with youth in the US to examine ways to improve their mental health in the aftermath of COVID-19.

I look forward to continuing to work with colleagues and community members as we try to address important health challenges."

Dr. Brooke West

In addition to her role as Associate Professor at CSSW, Dr. West also leads research projects at SIG including Intersecciones.

Dr. West will continue her long-standing research on the sociostructural determinants of HIV and substance use in diverse contexts, including the development of multilevel interventions that reshape the social, economic, physical and policy factors that drive health inequities.

She will also expand newer work examining overlaps of substance use and reproductive health in the US and the development of interventions to improve health and social services for pregnant and parenting people who use drugs.

Dr. West also brings these research interests and goals into her teaching, which includes an MSW course on the Social Determinants of Substance Use and its Consequences and a doctoral-level course on Qualitative Research Methods.

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