Evaluating a Microfinance Intervention for High Risk Women in Kazakhstan

NOVA was a structural HIV program (HIV and micro finance) with female sex workers in Kazakhstan.


PI: Nabila El-Bassel, Susan Witte

Research Updates

New Publication in the Journal of the International AIDS Society

My life changed due to my participation in NOVA. Thanks to NOVA I got a qualification of "seamstress." Due to my savings and NOVA’s help I bought a sewing machine, which gave me a small source of income for today. NOVA helped me to decide on what my life would look like.

NOVA participant

I thank NOVA because it has changed my life, and I do not use drugs now.  I live with my both husband and child, and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Thanks to NOVA and vocational courses I’ve learnt to cut hair.

NOVA participant

Thanks to educational talks at the sessions, I learned how without any problems to persuade a man to put on a condom. I completely quit drinking alcohol. The project taught me how to make money by my own hands - I gained a good profession of seamstress. I’ve learned to save and put off money for all occasions.  Thank you NOVA Project! You are very necessary for lost women. Your kind attitude gave us confidence in the future.

NOVA participant
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