Social Impact LIVE: Collision of COVID-19 and Opioid Epidemics


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Social Impact LIVE: Collision of COVID-19 and Opioid Epidemics

April 14, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
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About this Event

Presented by the Columbia University School of Social Work as part of the Social Impact Live series

As United States and the rest of the world contends with the spread of COVID-19, researchers and providers who work with populations with substance use disorders (SUDs) are on high alert because of the special challenges COVID-19 poses to those groups. One such researcher and clinician is Dr. Tim Hunt (bio), a research scientist and Associate Director at the Social Intervention Group (SIG), Associate Director of the newly formed Center for Healing of Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders-Enhancing Intervention, Development and Implementation (CHOSEN) and a co-investigator in the SIG-led HEALing Communities Study, which aims to reduce opioid-related deaths by 40% across 16 New York State counties and in 3 other states within just a few years. In this episode of Social Impact LIVE, host Richard Hara (bio) sits down with Dr. Hunt to talk about what happens when two public health epidemics—COVID-19 and opioids—collide.