Timothy Hunt


Timothy Hunt, PhD, is an Associate Research Scientist and Associate Director of Columbia University School of Social Work’s (CSSW) Social Intervention Group (SIG) and the Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA). Additionally, he is former Executive Director of the Jordan Social Work for Excellence in Education Program (JSWEEP), and Director of Training and Capacity Building for SIG and the GHRCCA.

Dr. Hunt brings over 27 years of clinical experience as a family/couples’ therapist, licensed clinical social worker, research scientist and addiction specialist to SIG and has personally trained over 9,500 healthcare and social service staff working with families, children, groups and individuals. He joined SIG in 2006 to offer the investigative team expertise in technology transfer of the original CONNECT couples-based HIV/STI prevention intervention.

Currently, he is leading the investigative team in partnership with Yale and University of Rochester on WORTH Transitions,adapted trauma-informed, e-book formatted intervention for substance using women formerly incarcerated with the aim to link to medical care and treatment.

Dr. Hunt holds a Master of Social Work degree from New York University, post-masters graduate of the Ackerman Institute for the Family and PhD at CSSW focused on Implementation strategies including training and technical assistance, supporting the Adoption of Evidence-Based Interventions.


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