Kitty Gelberg



Kitty Gelberg (she/her)

Kitty Gelberg, PhD, MPH, is a public health consultant and epidemiologist with a strong history of focusing on the intersectionality of mental health and adverse health outcomes, and improving surveillance data to make it accessible and useful to programs and the public.

Dr. Gelberg has 32 years of experience working with the New York State Department of Health overseeing surveillance data systems, programs and outreach addressing the prevention and care for opioid poisonings, suicides, violent deaths, injuries including motor vehicle crashes and falls in older adults, and occupational fatalities and diseases. She focuses on improving and understanding data, upstream preventions, and enhancing access to treatment and services.

She was the co-chair of the NYS Governor’s Suicide Prevention Task Force’s Data Workgroup and chairperson of the NYS Office of Mental Health’s Suicide Prevention Council Quality Improvement and Data Workgroup, a member of the Brain Injury Association of New York’s Concussion Initiative Advisory Committee, and a member of the Columbia University Center of Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Advisory Board.

Dr. Gelberg earned her PhD and Masters of Public Health in Chronic Disease Epidemiology focusing on Environmental and Occupational Health from Yale University.


Recent publications

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