Eleni Vlachos


Eleni Vlachos formerly directed the marketing and communications function for SIG.


Eleni Vlachos directed the marketing and communications function for SIG from April 2017 to March 2023, managing the strategic marketing direction including the launch of two new websites, all social media channels, and media relations. In her part-time role, she created articles/stories for SIG's blog (including graphics), wrote press pitches and releases, and developed story ideas.

Prior to SIG, Eleni was the engagement/communications manager for a non-profit start up within Duke University and Duke Medicine, Innovations in Healthcare (formerly IPIHD). She also worked in community relations for Duke Medicine, as a technical/procedural writer for Duke University's Department of Treasury, a legal advocate for a non-profit advocating for disability benefits, and as a human resources manager for the Seattle Community College District.

Eleni is also a writer, filmmaker/documentarian, and a drummer for a 20+ year old pop band. She has volunteered for The Humane League, PA Prison Society, and within her neighborhood.