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  • Connecting Researchers and Community

    In 2015, the Social Intervention Group established the Columbia University Community Collaborative Research Network (CCRN) to address barriers between researchers and the criminal justice involved community in order to promote health, forming a partnership with community corrections personnel, social service […]

  • Reproductive Health Behind Bars: New Findings

    While the overall rate of incarceration has declined nationally, the rate of female incarceration has increased at nearly double the rate of male incarceration since 2002. Further, Black and Latina women from urban settings are overrepresented in the criminal justice […]

  • The power of social networks: UNI takes root in Kazakhstan

    This summer — if your social media feed is anything like ours — you undoubtedly saw an endless stream of beach photo updates from your network. Friends on the beach, kids on the beach, two feet in front of large […]