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  • Long lines can mean shorter lives for truckers

    As they conduct cross-country business, truck drivers in Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) can face lines at the border that last for days. During this time, truckers have only the company of other truckers while […]

  • BRIDGE implementation training begins

    In Kazakhstan, only one-third of the 19,000 HIV-positive people who inject drugs in needle syringe programs are linked to HIV care. Scaling up integrated, cost-efficient HIV services for this community is sorely needed. SIG’s BRIDGE study* aims to fill this […]

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    WINGS takes flight in India and Kyrgyzstan

    Women Initiating New Goals of Safety (WINGS) Women who use drugs and/or alcohol are three to five times more likely to experience Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) than the general population.  Yet, only one out of 20 ever receive help to […]