Ohshue Shane Gatanaga

I'm excited to collaborate with SIG to understand how to better serve and uplift communities impacted by health inequities. I'm looking forward to conducting meaningful research that combines both praxis and theory.


Ohshue Gatanaga (he/they) is a graduate student at the Columbia University School of Social Work and Mailman School of Public Health. Ohshue's current research focuses on understanding the impact of intersectional discrimination and minority stress on behavioral health and substance use outcomes. In particular, Ohshue is interested in uncovering health outcomes and inequities within the Asian American and LGBTQ+ communities, which remain understudied and underrepresented in public health research. 

Currently, Ohshue is working with Dr. Dawn Goddard-Eckrich on E-WORTH (Multimedia HIV/STI Intervention for Black Drug-Involved Women on Probation in New York City) and HEALing Communities Study (Study reducing opioid and overdose deaths across New York State).

Before coming to Columbia, Ohshue earned his undergraduate degree in sociology at Yale University. Ohshue's research utilizes Black feminist theory, intersectionality, and syndemics theory to explain the compounding experiences and interrelated health outcomes of individuals and communities with multiple marginalized identities.