Community Collaborative Research Network

“Connecting Communities and Closing Gaps”

Convened by Columbia University’s Social Intervention Group (SIG) in 2015, the Community Collaborative Research Network is a partnership between the Social Intervention Group, community corrections personnel, various social service provider agencies and men and women who have been in the justice system. Its mission is to strengthen community-researcher collaboration through training, education, research, and advocacy in order to inform and shape evidence-based, sustainable solutions to enable individuals, families, and communities to address HIV, violence, substance use, mental health, and other co-occurring issues.

Network members currently include former participants in SIG’s research studies, representatives from the Department of Probation, social service providers such as Fortune Society and the Family Center, and representatives from other relevant NYC government agencies such as the Administration for Children and Families, Health + Hospitals, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The Community Collaborative Research (CCRN) provides an important space in which members share information and coordinate efforts related to the health and overall well-being of individuals and communities who have been directly involved in the justice system. With a vision to “connect communities and close gaps,” the CCRN also informs the implementation and dissemination strategies of SIG’s research related to justice-involved populations including Project PACT and Project E-WORTH. Project PACT is a study that evaluates the effectiveness drug abuse prevention intervention for men under community supervision and their female partners. E-WORTH is a study that evaluates the effectiveness of an HIV risk reduction intervention for African American women on probation.

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