Couple-Based Interventions

For over 20 years, SIG has focused on advancing innovative couple-based interventions that are designed to address dyadic HIV risk behaviors, substance use, and intimate partner violence.

SIG’s couple-based interventions aim to strengthen couple communication and negotiation skills, problem solving skills and risk reduction goal setting to enable both partners together to work on these shared co-occurring problems.

SIG’s first couple-based intervention,  Project Connect, was designed to reduce HIV risks among low income couples in primary care. Project Connect has been included in CDC’s short list of evidence-based HIV prevention intervention.

SIG has adapted and tested couple-based HIV prevention interventions in randomized controlled trials among HIV-negative, drug using couples in New York (Connect II) ; African American HIV serodiscordant couples (Eban) injecting drug users and their heterosexual partners in Kazakhstan (Renaissance) and African American MSM who use metamphetamines (Connect and Unite). SIG has recently conducted an implementation trial to test the effectiveness of training  providers in 80 HIV treatment or prevention agencies to deliver Connect using a multimedia format compared to the traditional format.

Learn more about SIG’s couples-based intervention research in this video interview of SIG’s director, Dr. Nabila El-Bassel.

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