Angela Aifah

Angela is a second year doctoral student at Columbia University’s School of Social Work with a keen interest in global health issues related to non-communicable diseases such as diabetes.  She graduated from the University of Chicago Masters of Arts program with a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy. During her time at the University of Chicago, Angela was awarded several research and fellowship opportunities which exposed her to community participation and development issues related to health.  For example, she conducted an independent summer research study on diabetes self-management programs available for individuals in Ghana; which also sought to discover whether peer support (as a form of community engagement in health care settings) could be a practical tool for diabetes intervention and self-management.   In collaboration with agencies in Ghana, her research highlighted a possible alternative to diabetes care in Ghana that was not only cost effective but relied on the support of individuals with diabetes to become ‘change agents’ within their communities.  Additionally as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow, Angeladeveloped a program entitled “Diabetes Information and Empowerment Tools (DIET): A Community Initiative” as part of her service project with a local agency that worked with immigrants and refugees of the African Diaspora.  DIET included healthy living workshops and educational tools for the women and children serviced by the agency.

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