Susan S. Witte

 Susan S. WitteDr. Susan Witte’s research focuses on the development and testing of prevention and treatment interventions targeting the co-occurrence of HIV/AIDS risk behaviors, substance abuse, and interpersonal violence among vulnerable populations. Dr. Witte’s special interests include dissemination of relationship-based interventions, promotion of female-initiated reproductive health technology, including the female condom, and a focus on highly vulnerable and underserved populations, including street-based sex workers and drug-dependent fathers. Currently, Dr. Witte is an Investigator on several NIMH, NIDA, and CDC-funded studies, including the Principal Investigator of an NIMH funded HIV prevention and microfinance project with female sex workers in Mongolia. Full CV

Research Interests:

  • Design, testing and dissemination of HIV/STI prevention interventions aimed at women and their male partners
  • Infusion of multimedia technologies in research, teaching and practice
  • Design, testing and dissemination of services targeting the needs of sex workers and drug dependent fathers
  • Female-initiated STD/HIV barrier methods
  • Intervention research

Selected Publications

Witte, S. S., Altantsetseg, B., Aira, T.Riedel, M., Chen, J. Potocnik, K., El-Bassel, N., Wu, E., Gilbert, L., Carlson, C. & Yao, H. (in press). Reducing sexual HIV/STI risk and harmful alcohol use among sex workers in Mongolia: A randomized clinical trial.  AIDS and Behavior. PMID: 21739290

Carlson, C., Witte, S. S., Aira, T., Chen, J. Altantsetseg, B., Riedel, M. (in press). Reducing violence against sex workers in Mongolia: Results from a clinical trial. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

El-Bassel, N., Gilbert, L., Wu, E., Witte, S. S., Chang, M., Hill, J., & Remien, R. (in press). Couple-based HIV prevention for low-income drug users from New York City: A randomized controlled trial to reduce dual risks. Journal of Acquired Immune DeficiencySyndromes. PMID: 21725249

El-Bassel, N., Jemmott, J. B., Wingood, G. M., Wyatt, G. E., Pequegnat, W., Landis, J. R., Bellamy, S. L., & NIMH Multisite HIV/STD Prevention Trial for African American Couples Group. (2011). National Institute of Mental Health Multisite Eban HIV/STD Prevention Intervention for African American HIV Serodiscordant Couples: A Cluster Randomized Trial. Archives of Internal Medicine. PMCID: 20625011

El-Bassel, N., Gilbert, L., Witte, S. S. & Wu, E. (2011). Intimate partner violence and HIV among drug-involved women: Contexts linking these two epidemics – challenges and implications for prevention and treatment. Substance Use and Misuse, 46, 295-306.

El-Bassel, N., Gilbert, L., Witte, S. S., Wu, E., Hunt, T., Remien, R. (2010). Couple-Based HIV Prevention in the United States: Advantages, Gaps, and Future Directions.  JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 55(Supplement 2), S98-S101. PMID: 21406997