Stop and Frisk? A Special Presentation by the Morris Justice Project

At the invitation of the Community Collaborative Research Network (a new initiative of the Social Intervention Group at Columbia University’s School of Social Work), the Morris Justice Project reported on findings from two years of documenting experiences with the police in the Morris Avenue section of the South Bronx, a 40-block neighborhood near Yankee stadium.

In 2011, a connection was forged between neighborhood mothers who were outraged by the NYPD’s treatment of their sons, and researchers who were interested in studying and challenging unjust policing. They together created Morris Justice, a participatory action research (PAR) Project sponsored by the Public Science Project. PAR is an approach to research that emphasizes collaboration with affected communities, who in turn take action to improve their situations.

Watch the livestream here.

Read a write-up of the event on Bwog here.

Photos from the event:

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