HIV Intervention Science Training Program Holds 2008 Summer Training Institute

This June the HISTP welcomed the first and second cohorts of training fellows, their primary and secondary mentors, members of the Scientific Advisory Board, and the Executive Board to the 2008 HISTP Summer Training Institute at the Columbia University School of Social Work. A number of research scholars from across the country were invited to share their expertise with attendees during the week-long institute, including Dr. Carrie Randall, Dr. Gloria Miele, Dr. Scarlett Bellamy, Dr. Susan Witte, Dr. Carballo-Diéguez, Dr. Rafael Díaz, Dr. David Stoff, Dr. Vicki Lens, and Dr. Marianne Yoshioka. The Scientific Advisory Board met to lend valuable guidance to the director’s board; Dr. Cynthia Gómez delivered an inspiring keynote address during the first annual Training Institute Luncheon; and both cohorts of training fellows had an opportunity to present their pilot studies and receive feedback from their peers, mentors, and other Columbia University faculty and research scholars.

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